A downloadable game for Windows

Pixel Planes: PROTOTYPE

A small fun little game where you must survive from the Pixel Planes for as long as you can while racking up a big score

This is not close to the final game in ANY way, so no complaining please, this was only created as a little something to play around with while you wait for the final game, and to raise awareness of me as a developer - p.s. i am only new to this and have school and other stuff that takes up alot of time, so if i do not post statuses or updates for a while, I am not a 'dead' developer.

UPDATE 01/06/2015: It is time my friends, for me to start deeply planning the final game of Pixel Planes: Arcade.

I need YOUR help - Email me at 'johldemort@gmail.com' if you have any ideas or storylines for the final game!


UPDATE 0.4.2 (2)


-Bumped up the player speed (2)

-Due to this being constantly updated, I've made the game into an exe file (no more installations until final game/beta) (2) May cause some stutter.

-Created a new enemy - A fast flyer (2)

-Completely changed all enemies (sprites & mechanics) (2)

-Minor bug fixes

-Changed font to pixel art

-Slowed down the orange plane a little

-New spawn coding (enemies no longer spawn on you) and spawn a little less frequent (beware, they can still spawn close)


Contact Me! Taking in Ideas! (WWII)

Email - johldemort@gmail.com

Facebook - Johldemort

Twitter - @Johldemort

Install instructions

Download, & enjoy.


Pixel Planes (ALPHA) v0.4.2.exe 5 MB